CES 2021 would have been my 10th show in attendance. Sharing ideas and favorite gadgets with the consumer technology community the first (or second) week of January is one of my favorite times of the year. Given my love for all things geeky, I didn’t want to let the pandemic get in the way of a (safely, socially distanced) group hug and proper catch-up.

Invite for our CES 2021 party

Originally slated for a “two hour open bar” our conversation stretched four hours, with guests from New Zealand, Idaho, Seattle, New York, the United Kingdom, and even galaxies far, far away. Many attendees had even been at the first penthouse party I threw at the Aria nearly a decade ago. Who says parties don’t build professional bridges?

A screen grab from our jolly crew. Note the CES b-roll footage behind Richie in the upper right and Jon’s background

Everyone agreed that we hope we can (safely) be back in Las Vegas for CES 2022. And since we had so much fun, I’ll be continuing this series. Interested in joining the next event? Drop me a note directly Savannah@SavvyMillennial.com or say hi on Twitter.