Kia Ora & Good Morning Everyone,

It’s Savvy one of your emcees here, and it’s my job to make today a little different than the virtual conferences you’ve attended before. As a community builder and pro speaker, it’s a bummer we don’t get to meet face to face – I’m hoping some of the fun we have in store (sneak peak below… and spoiler, the Bingo prizes are not to be missed) creates that sense of connection. We’re confident you’ll get value you out of our power-packed lineup, and we hope you find a little magic and serendipity throughout the day as well. Our goal is to create real impact, and maybe even a blooper reel. So c’mon, head on over to hopin to register, and I’ll see you on stage, or in a session, or sipping a cocktail, or petting my dog… however the day unfolds, I look forward to sharing it with you.

Here is our virtual bingo board for Frontline Summit and your VIP invite to our cocktail lesson with Leah & Yancy after the event! Save the photo on your phone and mark-up, open a tab, or print out to play along during the day! Let us know when you get BINGO in the chat to claim your prize :).

Frontline Summit Bingo – perhaps the best virtual bingo there is!

Virtual, socially-distanced enthusiastic high-five,