How to be Ballsy and Female in the Silicon Valley – Techly

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Gasparilla Interactive panelist previews her SXSW talk about men and women in techwholesale NFL jerseys Tampa cheap NBA jerseys Bay Business Journal

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Gasparilla Interactive speaker: Bronies and left shark have lessons in profit – Tampa Bay Business Journal

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Horizons Episode 6: 3D Printing – The BBC

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Quits (twitter mention) – CNNMoney

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Remarkable Hiring Stories – CNNMoney

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Inside Shapeways, the 3D Printing Factory of the Future – Gizmodo

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That’s a Wrap! Silicon Beach Fest – TechZulu

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Failure to Launch: The Pitfalls of Crowdfunding – Huffington Post Live

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Lessons of a Too-Successful Crowdfunder – The Wall Street Journal

The Daily Startup: Fetches 12 Million Led by Menlo Ventures – The Wall Street Journal

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How to Run a Very Successful Crowdfunding Scam 1.25 – Austin Chronicle SXSW Feature
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PR Lead for Instacube Kickstarter to Detail Campaign’s Challenges at SXSW – Crowdfund Insider

8 Best Miserable Putin Memes from Sochi’s Closing Ceremonies (I made #3) – Bustle

3 Winning Tales of Entrepreneurial Inspirationcheap MLB jerseys Mashable

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Blab video chat app is like Periscope for groups of friends – Mashable

Five Tips to Better Product Design – Brand Boost Podcast

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Small Empires: 3D Printing from Bacon to Narwhals with Shapeways – The Verge

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Get ready for Shapeways’ 3D Printing UK Roadtrip! – 3D Printing Industry

Anyone up for a roadtrip? Shapeways is! – 3D Videos Printing Industry

Shapeways: Enabling Design and Creativity – TCT Magazine

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TCT Podcast Episode 3: Color 3D Printing – TCT Magazine

Shapeways’ Expansion Continues, New Factory Location & 20,000 Shapeways Shops Announced –

Speaker: Cincinnati benefits from “kind, creative atmosphere” – Cincinnati Inquirer

Let’s Lunch featuring Savannah Peterson – Let’s HaCkEr Lunch