SXSW 2020 was a bit different this year, and we’ve all done our best to still connect despite not sharing tacos and cheap beer in Austin. I had the pleasure of interviewing GitLab’s CEO, Sid, back in March via Auckland, at our originally scheduled SXSW panel time back in March. SXSW was kind enough to invite GitLab’s Head of Remote, Darren Murph, and I back for a proper session broadcast out to their audience. We covered importance of asynchronous communication, the value of answering in a link, and creative ways to connect when your team can’t meet up face to face. And, like the perfect storm 2020 is, Darren lost internet for the first 15 minutes of our broadcast and I had to adlib with facts on the fly to get through it.

I hope you enjoy, and that we all get to reunite at SXSW 2021!

Gitlab’s Head of Remote, Darren Murph, and Savannah Peterson discuss the future of remote work and what #allremote really means for company culture at SXSW Virtual 2020