Curious how to thrive in an all-remote work environment? Join GitLab’s CEO Sid and Savannah for an actionable chat on how to keep morale up while you make the magic happen from afar.

It feels like a lifetime ago that SXSW was cancelled. In reality, it’s only been a month since were all scheduled to gather in Austin and share ideas over tacos and cheap beer. Our panel was slated for March 13th, 2020, and despite the radical change in circumstances, the GitLab team and I felt the conversation was still an important one to have. Even if that meant I’d now be interviewing GitLab’s CEO Sid at 5am Auckland time, on a Saturday morning.

Join us for an insightful hour on how to build and scale an all-remote team, and learn how GitLab became one of the largest all-remote unicorns.