There are a select few humans that get to design the future, and Greg Broadmore is one of them. He’s been with Weta Workshop for 18 years, and has lead the creative studio designing Magic Leap’s first games for seven. If you’re unfamiliar with Weta, they’ve designed some of the coolest movies of our generation. Lord of the Rings put the Wellington studio on the map, but you can see just how many sweet cinematic endeavors they’re a part of here. And if you’re unfamiliar with Magic Leap, that’s because most of us are. They’re the stealthy VR headset company that’s raised a $2.6 Billion Dollar war chest in venture capital, without releasing a consumer product. I try and get Greg to give us the scoop in this interview:

This interview took place at Creative Leadership New Zealand, and was a total blast. D K and his team of organizers really nailed this one, and I encourage you to add it to your 2020 events list. Special thanks to Greg for being a good sport and sharing his story with us all in December. What a treat. Thank you, #CLNZ19!