My time in Austin this year was way too short (15 hours!!) but oh so sweet. It was an honor to speak for the third year in a row, acting as moderator of a fantastic panel on Sports and the Sharing Economy. The panelists were brilliant and the crowd was a riot. The intersection of sports and technology is a total blast!

The key takeaways were:
– Starting an equipment sharing business is hard- be prepared!
– The more companies that work together and support each other, the better off we’ll all be
– Introducing people to new sports has health and emotional benefits at many ages, the more people who play, the better!
– Bikes have been the early-adopted equipment of choice but there is more to come

I vlogged to give you a taste of both the experience and the panel 🙂 Special thanks to everyone who managed to make time for me between noon and 3am, predominately at the four seasons, despite not having a room there.

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