This week, Air New Zealand in collaboration with the Kiwi Landing Pad launched a new inspiring voices series to celebrate entrepreneurship and innovation in New Zealand. Jeremiah Owyang, Aric Lapera and I contributed our thoughts on the future of transportation, community and the sharing economy. Check out their website to learn more, and hear what we had to say in the video on the bottom of the homepage. Additionally, Kiwis are encouraged to join us at the Free Air New Zealand World-Class events in Christchurch, Queenstown in Wellington, as well as the Kiwi Landing Pad Sales and Marketing Jams in the same cities + Auckland.

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My excerpts:

“Collaboration is going to be imperative in the new age, as people come together to truly optimize our experiences in life, and not just in one particular aspect of our lives. The companies that can collaborate and are also willing to experiment and iterate, are going to be way better off.

In order to be successful, air new zealand needs to start thinking about their customers not as customers but as their community. A customer is a transaction based interaction, someone pays for something and receives something in exchange. A community is a group of people that are interested in something bigger than the sum of their parts- that are curious to create a better world for themselves. What Air New Zealand as the opportunity to do is be that for people who like to travel.”