And stop feigning paucity

Dear Entrepreneurial Spirits, CEOs, Budding Co-Founders and Geeks of the World:

Put me on your board.

I am entrepreneurial, proven and not risk-averse.

I thrive on the thrill of exponential momentum and stop at nothing to get the job done.

I am thirsty, yet experienced enough to take a step back and advise.

I am a liaison between generations; between the scruffy startup-teens and the gray hairs of innovations past.

I speak “engineer” and “developer” fluently.

I have raised millions of dollars through crowdfunding campaigns I have managed and those I have advised.

I believe, above all, in solving needs; in great product; in moving fast and breaking things.

I believe that the future is a better serving, more balanced, people powered place.

I am rational, yet listen to my gut.

I believe in passion; in fire.

I know no boundary when it comes to me and my brand; I eat, sleep, and breathe the companies and products I touch and I would have it no other way.

And I am a woman.

I write this to warn you; in hopes you’ll stop making the same mistakes and learn from the data you seem to be ignoring. I’m saying this so you have the best opportunity for success. I say this because I am in the business of empowering the future of business and you are too. Continue Reading…

Fact: Companies with women on their board outperform companies with boards that are comprised entirely of men.